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Are you looking for top-grade dietary supplements? Perhaps you are researching ways to best cleanse your body of toxins? It sounds like you could use the professional help of a renowned local dietary supplements provider who can offer an extensive line of products to best meet your needs. Which is the one people in Lincoln, NE trust? The answer would be no other than Tea Cup Wealth! What do we have to offer? Keep reading and find out!

About Our Services

Backed by years in the industry, Tea Cup Wealth is an online herb shop that offers high-class yet affordable products including energy products, weight loss products, vitamin-mineral supplements, nutritional products, skin products, facial products, brain function enhancing products, herbal coffee & tea, intimate products, and a lot more.

Some of our best sellers are:

Strike – If you need an extra boost try our strike for men and love for women, with no side effect from our all naturally herbal blend.

Slim PM — Some people go to the gym while others take SLIM PM! They go to bed while the supplement does all the weight loss for them. Bye-bye insomnia, bye-bye extra pounds. A clear win-win!

IASO tea — The best 9 herb tea for liver, colon cleans and detox

There When You Need Us

As a trusted energy products shop for people residing in Lincoln, NE and the other areas we serve, you can trust our wide choice of health products, herbal supplements, performance boosters, and rejuvenating

teas to bring back your drive and energy, even lose the extra pounds you have been fighting all these years.

Choose us as your dietary supplements and weight loss products provider, and your health will thank you later!

About Our Work Process

All you need to do is place an order with our team, and as long as the products you want are available, we will ship them to you. For lines of our products, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

Are you searching for a reliable energy products provider? Feel free to browse the other sections of our website and should you have any questions or orders, just grab the phone and call Tea Cup Wealth today!

Are you needing any construction done. Be sure to contact Gene here. He will be able to help you make some total life changes. Whether it’d be your home or your health.

For Orders, Click on each Picture and you may be ask for this IBO number 3261811.


Are you searching for an extra boost? Give Strike, one of the most efficient natural aphrodisiacs out there a try today and prepare to be amazed by its 72-hour effect with no side effects! Works for men!


The little piece of magic that takes your love life to the next level. No side effects, improved stamina, increased sensitivity, and peak performance each time! It will last for a week


Do you know anyone who would like to lose 5 pounds in 5 days? Our IASO tea has just what you need. NINE of the healthiest herbs join forces in a single tea that effectively cleanses your body!

Client’s Testimonial

by RC from Lincoln NE on Tea Cup Wealth

I am very happy with the results of taking the Strike product. I have been able to do things that I have not been able to do for years and in some cases never been able to do. I also like how things revert back to normal after the activities are over. My wife’s comment to me after the first time I tired the product was “Please thank your friend for telling you about Strike! I love it.”

Brain Fog Solutions – A Performance enhancer that’s legal
For orders, click the picture

Stem Sense is an innovative formula aimed at rejuvenating youthfulness by stimulating growth factors responsible for activating stem cells in your body. It replaces worn out cells while increasing mental and physical energy at the same time. Stem Sense delivers potent, anti-inflammatory support compounds that help relieve joint and muscle soreness caused by aging or strenuous exercise.


Chaga Anti-Oxidant Mushrooms

LOVE FOR WOMEN – works for women up to 72 Hrs




IASO Essential Oils





Nutra Burst

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